Would you like to spend an evening with your best girls enjoying a personalized theme party exploring wholistic activities?

Leela Devi Transformation Center is now offering Theme Parties for you and 5 – 7 of your besties. It’s a unique way to have fun and connect with friends. 

Check it out!

These offerings are designed to give you an opportunity to playfully taste & explore our eclectic offerings while you relax in the yoga studio with a view of our majestic oak trees.

Let's Hangout!

Select Your Favorite Theme

All Include herbal tea & a snack. Most themes are limited to 6 – 8 women.

Relaxation & Stress Relief **

Would you like to…

Unwind after a stressful week?

Learn basic self-care tools?

Navigate life’s obstacles with greater ease?

Take home simple solutions to increase your self-care, mental clarity, calmness, and connection to your body on a daily basis.

If you answered yes… this Wise Woman Workshop is for you !

Learn simple stress-busting tools for home & office

Grow self-awareness to lessen stress accumulation

Create a new mindset making self-care a priority

Suggested for your 1st party experience

Creative Writing **

Do you…

Get stuck when you want to begin a simple writing task?

Enjoy writing but don’t know how to get started?

Have creative ideas, but can’t get them onto paper?

If you answered yes… this Wise Woman Workshop is for you!

Learn simple tools to move into a creative mindset.

Create an environment that is conducive to writing.

Learn to use playful exercises to access your creativity.

Learn a simple process for creating a story with ease.

Suggested for your 1st party experience

Breathing & Meditation

Do you…

Need to calm your racing thoughts?

Want clarity and focus to make healthy choices?

Want to discover stillness in the midst of chaos?

Want to discover your deepest desires?

Want to learn how to…?

Use simple, calming breath work to reduce frustration and stress?

Follow simple steps to create a daily mediation practice?

Learn a simple self-guided relations sequence?

How to use flowing moving mediation to release stress?

To increase your ability to maintain a steady focus?

This Wise Woman Workshop is your path to stillness.

Chakra Exploration

Are you curious about your chakras?

What does chakra mean?

What are chakras?

Where are chakras located?

How do you know what your chakras look like?

How can I direct the energy of my chakra?

Learn about…

How to location of your chakras.

Use a pendulum to see the size of your chakras

Learn a chakra grounding visualization.

One syllable mantras to increase the vibration of each chakra.

How to your own pendulum/light catcher.

The Way of the Medicine Woman

Do you…

Feel drawn to communicate with animals?
Like to honor nature with native traditions?
Feel called to spiritual symbols?
Like working with plants as medicine?
Feel rejuvenated by walking in the woods?

If you found those questions intriguing, This Wise Woman Workshop invites you to …

Explore your totem animal with the Medicine Card Deck.

Walk the medicine wheel and honor the 4 directions.

Learn to make tobacco offers when harvesting herbs.

Create a meditation object by painting a sacred symbol on a rock.

Learn the ways of a sacred talking circle while sitting with your sisters and sipping herbal tea.

Meeting Your Inner Goddess

Do you feel your inner voice calling?

Ready to cultivate your Divine Feminine energy?

Want to express your own inner Goddess?

Want to embody the fierce strength of your inner resources?

Want to be in a safe space to call you inner radiance to shine to it’s fullest?

Excited to step into your own flow & let go?

Then the matriarchy is calling you! Let me guide you as you…

Learn to make a floral head wreath

Discover your Goddess path with Oracle cards

Move freely and express your inner feminine energy

Experience a sacred ceremony connect to the Divine Feminine

Express your Divine Feminine Self

Personal Ceremony

Are you interested in sacred ceremony?

Are you want to learn the basic elements of a simple ritual?

Would you like to charge a candle, or infuse soap with affirmations?

Practice smudging and cleansing with white sage?

Ready to release an old habit or cut cords from your past?

Let’s get started!

We will begin a journal write  to focus and explore the topic a will bring clarity to your intention.

Learn to prepare for ceremony with purification

Learn how to create a circle and call the directions

Learn how to incorporate simple songs and movement to amplify your intention.

A Taste of Tarot

Are you curious about tarot?

Have a deck …but not sure where to get started?

Want to explore the basics of using a deck?

Want to learn simple spreads?

Would you learn how to prepare for a tarot reading?

Learn how to….

Ground to your chakras before a reading.

Choose a cloth to wrap your deck.

Smudge and charge a new deck

Choose a spread to match your question.

Set up for a tarot reading

Contemplation & Movement

Want to…

Learn to listen to your body?

Allow your body to express itself with moving meditation

Use movement to release resistance stored in your muscles?

Write a power statement to match your deepest desires?

You said it! Let’s move!

Gain clarity of intention and purpose with a written focus topic.

Explore the natural rhythms of your body’s movement patterns.

Release your resistance to exploration of new possibilities by moving to high-tempo beats.

Dance your way to clarity, confidence, and determination to stay on focus.

Use a power statement to declare your embodied intentions and maintain your on-purpose focus.

Sound Bath **

Ready to…

Relax to the incredible sound of singing bowls and take in the soothing effects of essential oils?

Release your accumulated stress with as you absorb the perfectly aligned vibrations of the singing bowls.

Create a flower essence that will bring balance to your energetic body.

The vibrations of the singing bowls will dissolve tension, stress, and mental chatter.

Enjoy the effect of soothing essential oils for additional relaxation during the sound bath.

Learn breathing exercise that will help you reduce stress in your daily routine.

Feel rejuvenated and energized

Use flower essences to gently align the energies of your body & bring you into a place of energetic balance.

- How to schedule your personalized evening -

 Each party can be personalized and molded to fit your preferences. Reserve your party day & time at least 7 days in advance.

  1. Each party is required to have a minimum of 6 paid attendees, except where noted.
  2. Each party will need an “Instigator” who will function as the main contact person. The Instigator will make the reservation & pay a non-refundable $120.00 deposit for the party. In addition, the Instigator is responsible for gathering & confirming the correct number of participants for their party. She will provide LDTC with a complete list of participants and their basic contact information. (The deposit will be applied to cover 3 admissions)
  3. Parties need to be prepaid by all participants via our website scheduling buttons @ 6:00 pm the week of the party.
  4. A scheduled party can be rescheduled but not refunded. A rescheduled party must be completed within 6 months.

I’m looking forward to sharing a special evening with your group! 

– Leela Devi