New Moon Women's Circle

New Moon Women’s Circle is a year-long transformational journey for like-minded women who wish to create a new version of themselves. During this journey, you will envision the person you want to be at the end of the year and be fully-supported as you move towards that goal. Circle helps you stay on your growth edge by bringing awareness to limiting beliefs, connecting to a life positive universe, learning to ask for help, and overcoming setbacks.

You will meet online with other women where, together, you will create a safe place of connection, honest discussion, shared dreams, and laughter. Through the monthly meetings, check-ins, and personal reflection you will see tremendous growth.

Are you ready to break out of inertia and actualize your deepest desires? Would you like to stand with these heart and soul aligned women who have chosen to discover their greatness within the safety of this intimate circle? We are holding a space for you! Join facilitators Amy Casey and Leela Devi as we confront our limiting beliefs and write an empowered new story to live inside of your radiant Goddess.

To this we simply say yes, thank you, and so it shall be!


The first step in your transformational journey in 2022 New Moon Women's Group is to complete the Becoming Me introduction course. You can find that HERE

After you have completed this course, you will be directed to a sign up where you can complete your intake questionnaire, schedule your online interview with Leela, and make your payment.

The final step is to be prepared to fully enjoy circle. Remember to work hard and have fun!

During the 2 hour monthly gathering, each woman will be encouraged to participate, learn, observe,  and share.

The format of each meeting roughly follows this format:

  • Opening - grounding & centering
  • Group Share – brief response to questions presented
  • Explanation of current month's Focus Topic 
  • Guided visualization for deep dive exploration and experience, often includes a shakedown practice
  • Break-out session with a partner: growth edge questions on slides
  • Debrief & reflection from the break out section often includes sharing
  • Ritual aligned with the moon phase of the new moon &/or the seasonal quarters
  • Closing share – brief response to questions on slides

Once you have registered for 2022 New Moon Women's Circle, the only requirements for participation are a free Zoom account, stable internet access, and a desire for transformation!

In order to get the most out of New Moon Women's Circle, it is suggested that you commit to 8 - 14 hours a month for learning and reflection.

This commitment includes: 

  • Monthly attending New Moon Women's Circle (2 hours)
  • Meeting with your worksheet partner (1 hour)
  • Writing, reflecting and tracking observations (1 hour)
  • Supplemental reading (30 minutes)
  • Attending live Q & A check-in (45 minutes)
  • Participating in a shakedown in the Facebook group (1 hour per quarter)

All members will receive monthly audio and slides from Circle, YouTube music links, weekly Power Practice Sheet to be printed and completed, additional short support videos, and supplemental reading.

Your Facilitators

We come together with our facilitation and coaching skills to merge our gifts, expertise, and passions to create a loving, nurturing place to experience the full spectrum of personal growth, development, and self-actualization. Inside of this sacred space the spark of magic and liberation happens. We compassionately and gently guide each person to explore and discover the core essence of the fully empowered future self that we are all diligently working to embody and exude. We will partner, guide, and sponsor the brilliance of your intuition and inner wisdom to define the emerging nebula of your future self.  At the winter solstice, as you emerge boldly from your cocoon, we will joyfully celebrate your triumphant liftoff into the wide world. Leela and Amy both hold Feminine Power certifications.

Leela & Amy