My Story
- by John Huneycutt

“If you stop growing today – you stop teaching tomorrow.”  — Howard Hendricks

Since my teenage years, I have had a fascination with yoga and meditation. In 2003, I officially began taking classes and developing a practice.  In 2012 I met Leela, and dove deeply into a comprehensive practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation.  I fell in love with all four.  We said “I do” in 2015 (greatest moment of my life).  Gradually, I have come to share the role of instructor with Leela.

At the end of 2017, I retired from the 40-year ownership of a small business.  With greater availability, I am now able to focus on my gifts and calling.  Leela and I are now collaborating and sharing leadership roles at the Transformation Center. We are excited about this new direction and the opportunity to offer a larger range of services to our community!

Looking for a deeper connection to stillness, I took the plunge into the Wim Hof Method, completing his online course and a live workshop in Austin, TX. The immediate results inspired me to create Conscious Breathing Discover. (CBD) These classes included stretching, breath work, and meditation. Some of my students had endured traumas and found the WHM breath work to be too challenging.  This discovery launched a new quest for breath work suitable for people suffering from poor health, anxiety, panic and trauma.  

I began avidly reading about breath work associated with trauma victims.  The Oxygen Advantage made its way to my reading list; I began this practice early in 2021.  This method is the first in my 18-year journey that transforms the way you breath 24/7 and is accessible to everyone.  I am amazed with the incredible results I have experienced:  greatly improved sleep, higher energy, calmness, less emotional reactivity, resilience to stress, better posture and mental clarity.  I enrolled in the teacher certification to sharpen my skills with a strong desire to facilitate a higher quality of life for those who are ready to commit to making better life choices. Are you ready?