Transformational Coaching:
Grow, Thrive, and Move Forward During Crisis and Uncertainty

Create Life the Way YOU Vision It!

“A coaching conversation… a special kind of conversation where the key purpose is to ignite growth…. to stimulate new thinking by asking questions and listening to bring greater awareness to any situation ….. always focused on new action that will result in positive change.” 

– Dr. Claire Zammit

Leela Devi with Dr. Claire Zammit during training at Berkeley.


Get Started

  • Developing Rapport & Coaching Relationship
  • Establish an action plan
  • Seek Out Old Patterns
  • Deepen to Power Center
  • Vision New Possibilities
  • Create Plan of Action
  • 3 Coaching Sessions

Special Introductory Price: $100.00

Discovery Session: $10.00

Committed to Change

Living In Your Truth

  • Fine Tuning Your North Star Vision
  • Changing Your Old Beliefs Story
  • Navigate Setbacks With Grace & Generative Skills
  • Harness Your Un-stoppability
  • Connecting To A Strong Network of Peer Support
  • Up-Level The Quality of Your Interpersonal Relationships
  • Live Life Inside of Your Deepest Desires
  • 14 Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly for 3 months or every other week for 6 months

Special Introductory Price: $650.00

Discovery Session: $10.00

Deep Dive

Complete Growth and Transformation

  • Discovering the Barriers to Fulfillment of Your life Purpose
  • Developing Support & Resources
  • Work with A Set Coaching Focus
  • Discover Patterns & Inertia
  • Consider New Possibilities
  • Create A New Vision
  • Take Forward Action Steps 
  • 18 Coaching Sessions (42 Weeks)

Special Introductory Price: $900.00

Discovery Session: $10.00

Stress Relief

Stress Relief and Self Care Package

  • Discovering the obstacles to skillfully manage self-care and create internal flow
  • Identify Obstacles
  • Focus on Desired Outcome
  • Experience Relaxation Tools & Techniques
  • Manage Time & Stress
  • Develop a Healthy Plan
  • Grow Support
  • 20 Coaching Sessions
  • 12 Relaxation Session
  • Total 32 Sessions (1 Year)

Special Introductory Price: $1560.00

Discovery Session: $10.00