Transformation Through Meditation

Move beyond busyness and meditation apps into stillness,
learn to unplug from chaos & over doing. 

Trouble meditating? I’m here to tell you it’s not you! It’s the process you are using. You are simply missing the skills you need. Society implies meditation should be simple, quick, and easy to learn.  Apps claim to be a quick-fix solution, but there is no quick fix! We live in a society where constant distractions and overthinking are prevalent and meditation is elusive. When you have not been taught the foundational skills of meditation, stillness is out of reach!

Meditation can absolutely be accomplished when you incorporate a time-tested sequential process that dissolves your resistance and melts the distractions in your mind.  Then, sinking deeply into the sacred space of meditation becomes possible.

Helping people to dismantle the barriers between them and a deeply nourishing meditation practice is what I have been doing for over 20 years.  And what I know is this: with consistent daily practice, you can gradually move into the realms of deep meditation.

 If you would like meditation to be a way of life, allow my decades of experience to become your guide. We will step onto a gentle and safe path of transformation. On this path, we will reach into deeper consciousness to connect to inner wisdom and reveal a world of new possibilities for you.  Stillness awaits, let me hold the door open for you and we can do this together!

Choose Your Plan

Foundations of Meditation

8 Mentor Sessions

Deep Dive

12 Mentor Sessions

Through this journey together, you will discover how to:

  • Replace mental chaos with a calm mind
  • Unplug from daily busyness and take time for yourself
  • Retrain your breathing habits; experience more energy and clarity
  • Relax your body and release distracting accumulated tension
  • Adjust your body position to reduce the physical pain caused by stillness
  • Dismantle the resistance that prevents you from sinking into meditation.
  • Move from sporadic meditation attempts into a manageable daily practice.

With these new skills & tools in place and consistent meditation practice established you will enjoy

  • Showing up in life with more presence and energy
  • Rolling with life’s challenges with less anxiety and greater ease
  • Less worry and more joy with the application of embodied breath
  • Utilizing your intuition to make life positive decisions with clarity
  • Emanating new calmness to others around you
  • Decreased reaction to stressors  
  • A strong connection to your intuition and your life purpose which will lead you to a life you love

To begin we will use our hourly sessions to:

– Construct a road map of distractions through journal writing
– Practice concentration exercises to increase mental focus
– Use chakra grounding exercise to stabilize your body’s energy
– Create a sacred space to hold your meditation practice
– Identify distractions from the outer world
– Developing a meditation routine that leads you to stillness
– Reduce anxiety with embodied breath
– Remove accumulated tension with relaxation sequences and movement
– Work with posture and props to remedy body pain in stillness
– Use coaching to dissolve internal ego chatter
– Meditating together to increase your stamina and skill for melting into stillness

How To Begin:

1) Sign-up for a 1-hour Discovery Session –  $5

2) When we both agree that it is 100% YES….
3) Sign up for Foundations of Meditation Mentorship 


Foundations of Meditation Mentorship

Pay as you go: $100 per session (Total: $800) or One-time payment: $750

Transformation Through Meditation:
Diving Deeper

Learn to use these tools & technologies:
– Single Syllable Sanskrit Mantras
– Bija Mantras of the 7 Chakras&lt
– Mouna- the Practice of Keeping Silence
– 3 Guna’s of Spiritual Energetics
– Nadis and the Energy Flow of Male & Female Energy
– Create an Astral Temple for Distance Healing
– Connecting to the Central Channel
– Opening to Unlimited Universal Love
– Increase the Flow of Chi Pathways in the Body

Learn to incorporate these technologies into your daily meditation practice to purify and elevate the vibration of your body, thoughts, and subtle energies as you drop into higher realms of consciousness and increase your capacity to feel the vibration of pure love.
Pay as you go: $95 per session (Total: $1140) or One-time payment: $1080

NOW is your time

Choose Your Plan

Foundations of Meditation

8 Mentor Sessions

Deep Dive

12 Mentor Sessions

Create Life the Way YOU Vision It!

Break out of overgiving, over doing, and chaos routines.
Learn to hold a space for your own self-care

“A coaching conversation… a special kind of conversation where the key purpose is to ignite growth…. to stimulate new thinking by asking questions and listening to bring greater awareness to any situation ….. always focused on new action that will result in positive change.” 

– Dr. Claire Zammit

Leela Devi with Dr. Claire Zammit during training at Berkeley.


Get Started

  • Developing Rapport & Coaching Relationship
  • Establish an action plan
  • Seek Out Old Patterns
  • Deepen to Power Center
  • Vision New Possibilities
  • Create Plan of Action
  • 3 Coaching Sessions

Special Introductory Price: $175.00

Discovery Session: $5.00

Committed to Change

Living In Your Truth

  • Fine Tuning Your North Star Vision
  • Changing Your Old Beliefs Story
  • Navigate Setbacks With Grace & Generative Skills
  • Harness Your Un-
  • Connecting To A Strong Network of Peer Support
  • Up-Level The Quality of Your Interpersonal Relationships
  • Live Life Inside of Your Deepest Desires
  • 14 Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly for 3 months or every other week for 6 months

Special Introductory Price: $650.00

Discovery Session: $5.00

Deep Dive

Complete Growth and Transformation

  • Discovering the Barriers to Fulfillment of Your life Purpose
  • Developing Support & Resources
  • Work with A Set Coaching Focus
  • Discover Patterns & Inertia
  • Consider New Possibilities
  • Create A New Vision
  • Take Forward Action Steps 
  • 18 Coaching Sessions (42 Weeks)

Special Introductory Price: $900.00

Discovery Session: $5.00

Stress Relief

Stress Relief and Self Care Package

  • Discovering the obstacles to skillfully manage self-care and create internal flow
  • Identify Obstacles
  • Focus on Desired Outcome
  • Experience Relaxation Tools & Techniques
  • Manage Time & Stress
  • Develop a Healthy Plan
  • Grow Support
  • 20 Coaching Sessions
  • 12 Relaxation Session
  • Total 32 Sessions (1 Year)

Special Introductory Price: $1560.00

Discovery Session: $5.00