Leela Devi Transformation Center

Create a Place for YOU in your life!

The Leela Devi Transformation Center is an oasis nestled beneath majestic oak trees in West Monroe, Louisiana. Here, you will find a compassionate and safe space for stress relief, personal growth, natural healing, and the opportunity to develop a healthier lifestyle. We are dedicated to creating a more loving planet, one choice at a time.

Leela Devi Transformation Center
Phone: (916) 524-7943
Email: coachdevi20@gmail.com

What is a Transformation Coach?

A transformation coach is a guide and partner for a woman on the edge of expansion, who is ready to challenge old assumptions and patterns, to uncover old stories and beliefs about self, others, and life. She is ready to embrace the role of the caterpillar metamorphosing into the chrysalis and then emerge as a spectacular butterfly in flight. A transformation coach facilitates a generative conversation, holds space for new possibility to emerge that never existed before, as the client aligns with an expanded sense of self and higher purpose in the world.

Tools of Transformation

Leela Devi, Transformation Coach and Facilitator, has dedicated her life to radically evolving women’s roles in a patriarchal society. Leela seamlessly meshes ideas, experience, and tools gathered through several decades of healing work and women’s leadership with the Feminine Power Principles of Transformation.

Her mentoring transforms lives by shifting from ordinary existence to an extraordinary life by fully embodying life’s purpose.

Contact Us

Leela Devi Phone: (916) 524-7943 – (Call or Text) Email: coachdevi20@gmail.com
Address: 117 Twin Oaks Drive, West Monroe, LA, 71291